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Toyota is a popular automobile manufacturer and is regularly searching for ways to standout from competitors. This innovation has led to the possibility of major updates to vehicle windshields. Toyota has recently patented the “augmented-reality windshield”, a product intended to alert drivers to what is ahead on the road. Human error is arguably one of the most common causes of auto accidents, so technologies such as this that are aimed at preventing human error have the potential to make roadways safer for everyone.

Toyota’s new windshield possibility is said to employ “head-up” displays, which can present information such as speed and navigation on the windshield so that drivers do not have to look down at the instrument panel as much while driving. Not only would the information be located on the windshield of your vehicle, but could be moved around to the best spot on the windshield for drivers. For instance, when traveling at faster speeds a driver’s focus will be farther down the road due to a quick approach. The displayed information would get smaller and move up in this situation so that it’s easier for drivers to see. This feature will make driving simpler and safer.

These head-up displays use reflections to send static images to your windshield from the dashboard. The system that Toyota is proposing does the same thing, while also reading the vehicle’s steering-angle sensors. Two cameras will be used with the displays – one mounted in front to recognize lane markings, and another on the inside of the vehicle to track what is in the driver’s view. Real time data will be used in these vehicles when navigating movements such as lane changes. Have you ever wondered how close you are to the edge of your lane you are when driving? With these technological advancements, the windshield will use combined data to determine information like this for you – and display it in the best location for safety.

This development could be a major transition to windshields of the future; and Toyota hopes to be part of the change. While all automotive technological advancements are not successful at improving roadway safety, we are hopeful nonetheless. Because we meet so many auto accident victims, we are eager to see technologies with the aim of preventing these life-changing events.

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