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Speeding Causes 1/3 of All Fatal Teen Automobile Crashes

Teen drivers are oftentimes the cause of Georgia automobile crashes. This may simply be due to their inexperience behind the wheel of a car. They haven’t been driving as long as others on the road, so many times they are less aware of dangerous situations to look for and cannot watch other drivers’ actions like many veteran drivers do.

Unfortunately, results from a recent Governors Highway Safety Administration report state that speeding is a significant factor in numerous auto wrecks involving teenagers. Approximately 19,500, or 1/3, of all fatal teen crashes involved excessive speed. Compared to a decade ago, there are fewer fatal crashes involving teenagers, but more that were caused by speeding.

These numbers are disturbing, but perhaps not surprising. The general public’s view on driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is much more negative than that of speeding. There are countless commercials and advertisements warning drivers not to operate a vehicle under the influence, while speeding is viewed as a more acceptable offense.

The report also shows evidence that teenage drivers drive above the speed limit more often at night and when other teens are riding with them. Graduated license programs have proven to help lessen the number of fatalities as a result of speeding by teenage drivers. In Georgia it is against the law for new drivers under a certain age to operate a vehicle between 12 A.M. and 6 A.M. or to have other teenagers in the vehicle with them. These restrictions seem to be aiding in the process of lowering teenage deaths from auto crashes involving excess speed.

At Jones & Swanson, we have represented many victims of car crashes that were caused by a teenager traveling too fast on Georgia roads. In these instances, we are reminded that the education of young drivers is imperative. Parents should make sure their young drivers are aware not only of the Georgia graduated driver’s license program, but also of in-home consequences that will occur if the teenager is caught speeding. Every Georgia citizen can help lower the number of fatalities caused by teenagers speeding by making speeding an unacceptable and unpopular practice. Once driving under the influence became unpopular, the number of young drivers doing so lessened. The attorneys and staff members at Jones & Swanson are committed to increasing public awareness of dangers on Georgia roads so that we can all work together to improve safety.

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