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Strict Villa Rica Distracted Driving Ordinance

As a Marietta injury law firm, we’ve witnessed numerous metro-Atlanta auto accidents as a result of distracted driving. What many people fail to understand is that distracted driving includes more than just operating a cell phone while driving. Although texting and talking on the phone poses an enormous risk to yourself and others on the road, there are many other forms of distracted driving that cause catastrophic Marietta car wrecks weekly. Some Georgia cities have decided it’s time to stop these activities in an attempt to make metro-Atlanta roads safer for everyone.

In Villa Rica, a new distracted driving ordinance has been proposed. This proposal has created much debate not only in Villa Rica, but in surrounding metro-Atlanta areas as well. According to MyFoxAtlanta, this new bill would not only include operating a cell phone, but would also ban activities such as eating, reading or writing, grooming one’s self, physically interacting with passengers or pets, and more. It would not ban navigation systems attached to one’s vehicle. Basically, any act that would take a driver’s attention off the road would be illegal. If the ordinance is approved, the only exceptions will be the use of electronic devices to report traffic accidents, emergencies, risks on the road, circumstances where someone believes their personal safety is jeopardized, criminal actions against a person, or to perform duties as an officer of the law.

This ordinance was addressed in a council meeting on Tuesday, September 4. If passed, Villa Rica would become the only city in Georgia with such an ordinance. In order to maintain that this is not a ploy to generate money for the city, fines for this ordinance would be on a progressed timetable. First, drivers would receive a warning. As multiple violations occur, though, law enforcement officers would have the ability to write tickets, which would increase in expense.

The state of Georgia already allows police officers to pull drivers over who appear to be driving distracted. This law is not usually enforced unless an accident occurs, though. If this ordinance is approved, Villa Rica would align with this state law, perhaps resulting in more fines for drivers before accidents occur.

Citizens of Villa Rica and surrounding metro-Atlanta cities have a variety of opinions on this matter. Many believe this ordinance should be passed to keep our roads safer, even if it is more of a hassle. Others support only distracted driving ordinances that include cell phone use. In May of this year, Mayor Jay Collins vetoed an ordinance previously passed banning cell phone usage while operating a vehicle.

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Although distracted driving is against the law in Georgia, many citizens continue to drive while distracted by something else. This poses a large risk for not only those drivers, but others on the road as well. If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of a Georgia distracted driver, the attorneys at Jones & Swanson want to help. We understand your need for financial and emotional compensation and have the experience necessary to represent victims in every type of Marietta auto accident. Our affordable Kennesaw injury lawyers represent victims in wrecks involving cars, tractor trailers, motorcycles, drunk drivers, and many other types of accidents. If you’ve been injured in a metro-Atlanta car wreck because of another’s negligence, contact our top Marietta injury attorneys today for a free consultation and affordable representation at (770) 427-5498.

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