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Stroller-Related Injuries to Children

Strollers are used to transport children for a variety of reasons – convenience and safety especially. Unfortunately, a new study from the Academic Pediatrics journal states that nearly 361,000 children 5-years-old and younger visited the E.R. for stroller- or carrier-related injuries from 1990-2010.

Every hour approximately two injuries occur to children in strollers and carriers.

The most common cause of these emergency room visits involved a fall of some sort – a massive 67% of stroller injuries. 16% involved tipping over.

The best methods of avoiding such an injury from happening to your child, you should follow these safety tips:

  • Always buckle your child into carriers and strollers correctly. Children should never be able to stand in a stroller.
  • Do not hang items, such as purses and diaper bags, from stroller handles. This can cause increased risk of tipping over.
  • Always check the carrier/stroller size and weight restrictions in comparison to your child’s dimensions. Protecting your child with the correct type of carrier or stroller is imperative to their safety.
  • Check regularly to ensure that your device has not been recalled.

Fall injuries from these types of occurrences can leave children with a variety of types of injuries. Soft tissue, such as bruising and bumps, are common. Sometimes, though, more significant injuries can result – concussions, brain injuries, and more. Tipping over or falling out of carriers and strollers most often cause injuries to a child’s head and face.

In the event that your child is involved in a carrier or stroller accident that causes injuries, make sure it is not due to a defective or recalled product. If a manufacturing shortcoming caused an injury, you may have a legal claim against the maker. For more information on product recalls, visit

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