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The Importance of Motorcycle Safety Courses

Some of the most severe injury-causing automobile crashes that we’ve represented clients in were those that involved motorcycles. Even with the protective clothing that many cyclists wear, it is likely that riders will be injured in wrecks. The asphalt is simply too much for riding jackets, helmets, and pants in many instances. The only sure way to prevent an injury from a motorcycle crash is to, obviously, avoid the wreck all together.

When you make the decision to purchase and operate a motorcycle, you should immediately be aware that you and your actions are the only things keeping you from being in a crash. Riders shouldn’t assume that other drivers will be extra cautious when driving near bikers on Georgia roadways, because sometimes they aren’t. You’re the only person whose actions and safety precautions that you can control.

In an effort to prove motorcyclists greater safety than even that provided by traditional driving texts, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is in place to train riders to be as safe as possible. Whether you’re new to cycling or a seasoned vet, MSF can offer training that will benefit you. There are 23 RiderCourses offered that teach riders how to operate a motorcycle, as well as how to improve their riding skills. Your judgments are an important part of staying safe while riding, so these courses are made to provide the appropriate judgments that you should make in a variety of situations. Topics included in these courses involve scooter, street, and three-wheeled vehicle safety tips. You will also be educated on the benefits of helmets, thing to remember while group riding, and what to consider when you have a passenger. There are countless topics of interest in these numerous course listings. If you’re a Georgia motorcyclist, we highly suggest checking out the cycle safety courses offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. It is internationally recognized as an excellent safety school for motorcyclists. To find a course near you, visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation website.

There are many areas of metro-Atlanta that are known to be especially dangerous for motorcycle riders. We have provided a list of riding safety tips on our website’s motorcycle safety webpage.

If you or someone you know are injured in a crash while riding a motorcycle and the other driver was found to be at fault for the accident, you may have a legal claim. Your medical bills and other expenses will add up very quickly, so it is important that you protect yourself and your loved ones. If a crash was the fault of another, you can request that their auto insurance company compensate you for the extent of your damages. For more information, contact Jones & Swanson today for a consultation.

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