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Toyota Launches TeenDrive365 to Promote Safe Driving

At Jones & Swanson, we’ve heard about automobile wrecks that were caused by a large number of things. One of the most common causes, however, is that of distracted driving. It is a common belief that distracted driving simply means using your cell phone while driving, but this is untrue. Distracted driving can be caused by many things, including eating while driving, putting on makeup, and even simply daydreaming while behind the wheel.

In an effort to lessen the number of crashes that occur as a result of distracted driving in the United States, many companies and groups have developed campaigns in recent years. For instance, the “It Can Wait” campaign discouraging texting while driving, as well as many others. Some counties have even attempted to make distracted driving against the law.

Toyota recently began a program titled “TeenDrive365” to discourage teens from practicing unsafe driving habits. The program specifically targets teens and their parents so that safe habits are more likely to be practiced at an early age while behind the wheel of a vehicle. The TeenDrive365 website offers a variety of facts in an effort to warn people from driving while distracted. For instance, the leading cause of death for teens in the United States is automobile crashes. Also, teens that witness their parents practicing unsafe driving habits are much more likely to do the same once they begin driving. Unfortunately, recently studies have shown that parents use their cell phones more than teens do while behind the wheel. And parents are often unaware of unsafe practices by their teens, as teenagers have been proven to text message 26 times more often than their parents believe they do.

These disturbing facts are paired with helpful tips of the TeenDrive365 website, urging parents to lead by example while driving because their children are likely to copy their actions. The site also stresses the importance of familiarizing one’s self with a vehicle before driving it, as emergencies may arise that require knowing where controls and features are.

As a personal injury law firm, we aid many people who are significantly injured as a result of a crash caused by another driver being distracted behind the wheel. It is our goal to lower the number of injuries and deaths caused by distracted drivers in Georgia. Regardless of how hungry you may be or who may be calling you, it’s not worth the life of another person. This year, make it a goal to avoid distracted driving at all costs in an effort to make Georgia roads safer for everyone, including yourself.

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