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Turkey Fryer Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Day is upon us, which means that thousands of Georgians will be cooking turkeys to celebrate. One of the most popular cooking styles is to fry a turkey. While the taste of a fried turkey is fantastic, there are unfortunately many dangers that come with turkey fryers.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, Thanksgiving Day sees the highest number of cooking fires of any day of the year. Of the overall number of injuries as a result of cooking equipment fires, 54% are injured while trying to extinguish the fire themselves. You can keep Thanksgiving 2015 free of injuries by following these turkey fryer safety tips:

  • Thaw the turkey before cooking. Turkeys that aren’t fully thawed can cause oil to splash and poses a serious danger to those involved. Depending on the size of the turkey, many frozen birds may need multiple days to thaw completely so that it is safe for cooking.
  • Use the proper amount of oil in the fryer before placing the turkey inside and heat no higher than 350 degrees while cooking.
  • When placing the turkey in the fryer, do so slowly and carefully.
  • Use turkey fryers outdoors only and keep them away from overhangs, homes, and buildings.
  • Use oil-less turkey fryers.
  • Keep children away from turkeys while cooking – regardless of the method by which they are being prepared.
  • Triple-check that you’ve turned the flame off after the turkey is cooked.

The quickest way to ruin a holiday is a visit to the hospital emergency room. So use extra caution while cooking for your festivities this Thanksgiving. The attorneys and staff members at Jones & Swanson wish your family a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.

Safety Tips

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