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Uber Auto Accident Claims

The popularity of the Uber ride-sharing service has grown tremendously since its inception in 2009. The company seeks to connect passengers to drivers using a mobile app, making it much easier to use than traditional taxi services. Especially in large cities such as Atlanta, Uber is rapidly becoming the preferred transportation method for millions of users.

Unfortunately, this success has caused an increase in the number of auto accidents involving Uber vehicles. These types of crashes can be difficult to navigate due to the company’s employment structure. Uber does not consider its drivers to be employees, but “independent contractors”. This makes it more difficult to hold the company at-fault for injuries in the event of a crash. Uber also avoids defining itself as a car service, making it more difficult to place blame on the company and keying in on fault of the driver. In the event of an accident, the company is also extremely difficult to contact.

Fortunately, victims of Uber automobile accidents can win compensation if they contact an experienced auto accident lawyer. The company recently began providing liability insurance coverage for vehicle operators in the amount of $50,000/$100,000/$25,000. Passengers during a crash are also eligible for reparation from the driver’s insurance policy. Even drivers of other vehicles, as well as pedestrians, involved in a crash with an Uber vehicle can receive compensation.

Uber’s success is undeniable. However, understanding who is responsible after an accident can be confusing. If those involved in the crash are not cooperating and direct communication with Uber is difficult to obtain, the situation becomes extremely frustrating. You can depend on Jones & Swanson to handle these trying issues for you. For a free consultation, call (770) 427-5498.

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