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Uber Researching Driverless Vehicles

10 years ago, driverless vehicles were a notion from futuristic movies and science fiction novels. In recent years, they have become a true possibility as automobile manufacturers and technology companies experiment with motor vehicles. Recent studies have even shown evidence of increased safety in self-driving vehicles, as compared to those at risk of human error.

As the existence of self-driving cars becomes inevitable, the popular car service Uber is rumored to be planning implementation of driverless vehicles. The company recently added two new officials to its staff; Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek. Miller and Valasek were involved in the Jeep efforts causing the original recall protecting motorists from potential vehicle hacking. Both men will join Uber’s Advanced Technologies Center, the company’s research laboratory located in Pittsburgh, PA. The two additions are said to be focusing on Uber’s technological developments for self-driving motor vehicles.

Someday, Uber is said to envision the thousands of contract drivers being replaced by autonomous vehicles. The California-based company is partnering with many well-established universities and research centers to assist in reaching this goal. In 2015 alone, Uber hired more than forty of the top scientists and researchers from Carnegie Mellon University. These experts are also on staff at the Advanced Technologies Center. The company also bought digital mapping firm deCarta, a California business that specializes in search and turn-by-turn directions as part of its technology.

Uber joins well-known companies on the forefront of driverless vehicle technological development efforts, including Google and Volvo. As technologies on Georgia roadways increase, drivers must remain cautious to vehicles around them while on busy interstates and highways. The metro-Atlanta interstate system sees an unbelievable amount of traffic each day, so it is likely that driverless technologies will ultimately appear.

At Jones & Swanson, our injury attorneys represent victims injured in a variety of auto accidents, including Marietta truck accidents, passenger vehicle crashes, and more. The introduction of self-driving automobiles may bring increased safety, or could potentially increase the number of incidents on Georgia roadways. The safety of Georgia roads is of utmost importance to our firm, as it should be to all who travel on those roadways.

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