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Unlicensed Drivers Can Still Cause Crashes

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety performed a study researching unlicensed drivers. In order for a person’s license to be suspended or revoked, they must have performed some sort of illegal action serious enough for law enforcement officials to believe they are not safe behind the wheel of a vehicle. Many times, if a person has gone so far that they lose their license, they do not respect the law enough to let an invalid license stop them from driving.

The AAA study revealed that one out of every five fatal auto accidents that occur in the United States involves a driver whose license is invalid. That’s approximately 8,400 deaths. 28% of the total number of drivers who broke laws had their license suspended three or more times prior to driving illegally, leading to a fatal crash.

While these staggering numbers are important for all Georgians to be aware of, there is truly no way for us to know what drivers in vehicles around us may be a part of those statistics. In an effort to keep Georgia roadways as safe as possible, we urge drivers to report suspicious driving activity to law enforcement officials immediately. You never know whether a driver is under the influence or distracted, and by alerting the proper authorities you may be able to prevent a crash, and even save lives.

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