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Be Aware of Your Surroundings

With National Safety Month reaching its halfway point, we have covered topics for weeks one and two in past posts. First, we discussed the dangers of addiction to prescription drugs. Last week we posted about slip and fall or trip and fall dangers, as well as provided safety tips on how to prevent these dangers from affecting you.

This week, the safety topic is geared towards the importance of being conscious of your surroundings. At Jones & Swanson, we represent clients in a variety of types of incidents. Automobile accidents, premises liability, and animal attacks are a few of the key practice areas that our lawyers are experienced in. Typically, we represent victims that have been injured in these types of accidents because of another person’s fault. It is important, however, that you put forth effort to avoid being in a dangerous situation by being aware of your surroundings.

For instance, while driving a motor vehicle one should always pay attention to other drivers and pedestrians along the roadway. Weather conditions, road construction, and other circumstances may unintentionally endanger yourself and your passengers. To some extent, you as a Georgia driver have a responsibility to avoid disasters caused by your surroundings.

Another example can be found in a premises liability legal claim. It is our goal as attorneys to bring justice to property owners who allow for a dangerous condition to exist and injure others on their property. Conditions such as loose gravel or walkway materials, slippery conditions, or a lack of safety precautions in and around offices, stores, government buildings, and other public facilities can lead to an injury to blameless visitors. Private property is even held to a certain safety standard in many states. In the event that you or a loved one is injured due to another’s premises being unsafe, you may have a legal claim. However, you are required to have put forth the effort to avoid a dangerous situation, and being aware of your surroundings will allow you to do so. Watching for wet, slick, or uneven walkways and taking extra safety precautions could prevent an injury-causing accident from occurring in the first place. Property liability injury claims require attorneys to prove that the victim did not know about, or took proper precaution for, the unsafe area that led to their injuries. If they do not, obtaining compensation for those injuries may be difficult. There are similar requirements in the event of an animal attack. Lawyers of victims attacked by dogs or other animals must prove that their client did not provoke the animal and that they did not cause the confrontation in some way.

Being aware of what is happening around you and noting your surroundings is the first step to preventing serious injuries to yourself and your loved ones. In the event that an injury cannot be avoided, injury law firms must prove that you either did not know about or took proper precaution to avoid the situation in which you sustained injuries. For more information and methods to become more aware of your surrounds, contact our firm today at

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