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Don’t Drink and Drive: Statistics on Car Accidents on St. Patrick’s Day

Don’t let the green beer fool you – drinking and driving is a dangerous combination. In fact, car accidents increase on St. Patrick’s Day as people celebrate the holiday with social outings and alcohol consumption.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car accidents increase on St. Patrick’s Day by as much as 41%. And while alcohol is not necessarily involved in every car accident, drivers who have been drinking are more likely to be involved in a crash.

In fact, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), drunk driving kills someone every 51 minutes. That’s why it’s important to designate a driver or take public transportation if you plan on drinking this St. Patrick’s Day.

Here are some sobering statistics on the number of car accidents that occur on this day:

  • In the United States, car accidents increase by 25% on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Drunk driving is involved in nearly 40% of all fatal car accidents on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • The number of car accidents involving alcohol doubles from an average day to St. Patrick’s Day.
  • On average, there are 300 car crashes on St. Patrick’s Day that involve drunk drivers.

Be safe this holiday and don’t drink and drive! Enjoy the festivities responsibly and designate a sober driver if you plan to drink. If you’re caught driving drunk, you could face jail time, fines, or loss of your license – not to mention the risk you take of injuring yourself or someone else. So please, don’t drink and drive! If you do find yourself in a car accident, make sure you know your rights. You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, property damage, and more.

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