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Drive Safely this Labor Day Weekend

As the summer season comes to a close, one of the busiest highway travel periods is approaching as well. Labor Day weekend typically signals the end of summer, and provides one last long weekend of fun. Unfortunately, this increase in traffic typically leads to a higher number of motor vehicle accidents on Georgia highways. In 2013, Labor Day weekend saw 424 auto accident fatalities in the U.S. Of those 424 crashes, 48% involved intoxicated drivers with a BAC higher than .01. This year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is cracking down on nationwide drunk driving from August 21 through September 7.

Statistics show that drunk driving fatalities can be reduced by up to 20% with the use of high-visibility enforcement. The message that the NHTSA wants sent? Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. As you make your end-of-summer plans, keep these drunk driving avoidance tips in mind.

In many states and law enforcement jurisdictions, officials are suggesting implementation of a “No Refusal” time period. The No Refusal program is a policy permitting authorities to acquire search warrants for blood samples from drivers suspected of impairment who refuse breath tests. Some areas allow law enforcement officials to call judges and magistrates to request warrants via telephone. This method prevents DWI offenders from getting away with driving under the influence simply by refusing breath tests. Drivers operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs should be held liable and convicted accordingly, and many officials believe this “No Refusal” program would allow that to happen more often.

Throughout the end of summer, law enforcement official will be showing zero tolerance for driving under the influence. Checkpoints, roadblocks, and an increase in the number of traffic officers will be seen throughout the metro-Atlanta area in an effort to prevent Georgians from driving drunk. Far too many people still believe that their actions do not affect others. These statistics can happen to you, so plan ahead and avoid drunk driving this holiday season.

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