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Featured Case: Construction Injury

In February of 2013, our client was returning to her car after leaving her beauty shop in Woodstock. The sidewalk outside the shop was blocked by a construction project which was surrounded by a heavy metal fence. While walking around the work area, a piece of the fence that had not been properly secured fell directly on her and knocked her to the ground. Unfortunately, as a result of the impact of the fence and the subsequent fall, our client sustained serious injuries which required extensive medical care including a partial hip replacement.

At the time of this incident, our client was 86-years-old. These types of injuries are difficult for victims of all ages but are particularly problematic for the elderly members of our community like our client. Even after surgery and months of rehabilitation, her balance has been permanently compromised, and she is now forced to live in an assisted living environment. Fortunately, we were able to assist her in holding the construction company responsible such that her future needs will be cared for and her medical expenses paid.

The construction company sought to deny any responsibility for the poorly secured fencing which ultimately resulted in our client's injuries. Through diligent investigation and litigation, Jones & Swanson found that the construction company had failed to exercise due care to properly secure the temporary fencing, and as a result, our client's life was permanently altered. Like anyone else, these companies have a responsibility to those around them to go about their work in a reasonably safe manner. Unfortunately, the construction company failed to do so in this instance, and the resulting injuries to our client were devastating. After filing suit, conducting thorough discovery, and deposing multiple witnesses, Attorney Andrew Jones was able to uncover facts proving the company's liability and eventually resolve our client's claim. While certainly no amount of money can give her back the time she has lost as a result of this incident, the resolution will remove a large financial burden for her future medical needs so that she can focus on continuing to recover from her injuries and try to enjoy the remainder of her life.

These types of incidents, in which a helpless victim's life is impacted in such a severe way, are the types in which Jones & Swanson feels the most driven to provide aid. Many times victims of incidents just like this are unable to thoroughly defend themselves because they do not have the experience necessary to take on such a large claim. Attorneys Andrew Jones and Chase Swanson are here to provide personalized and dedicated representation when you need them most. We take pride in being honest and straight-forward when discussing the facts and possible outcomes of your claim. At Jones & Swanson, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to represent you and obtain the best possible outcome; however, we are also very understanding of the personal nature associated with any injury claim. We will therefore be happy to explain to you all of your options in detail and support you in whatever decision you make.

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