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Georgia Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Helpful Tips

At Jones & Swanson, we are proud to represent victims of auto accidents across the state of Georgia. We are located in Marietta and in close proximity to a variety of major interstates and highways, so the number of automobile crashes that occur near us is large. While passenger vehicle and tractor trailer crashes often lead to serious injuries, Marietta motorcycle accidents are oftentimes more devastating for those involved. In 2010, motorcycle wrecks took the lives of over 4,500 people. Unfortunately, the amount of motorcycle crash-related deaths has increased by 55% in the last 14 years.

These numbers are distressing, but by no means does it mean that Georgians should not enjoy riding their motorcycles. Throughout much of the year, Georgia boasts the perfect weather for cycling. There are risks associated with all motor vehicles, but few people forego the use of them due to those dangers.

Attorneys Andrew Jones and Chase Swanson want readers to enjoy their motorcycles, but to be prepared for a crash just in case. It is mandatory in the state of Georgia to insure your motorcycle with a minimum limits insurance coverage plan. The Georgia minimum limits requirement for motorcycles is $25,000/$50,000/$25,000. This means $25,000 per person, $50,000 per crash, and $25,000 for property damage each accident. This type of motorcycle coverage protects others in the event that you are at fault for a crash, commonly known as liability coverage. You may also be interested in purchasing additional collision coverage so that you may be reimbursed for damages to your vehicle in the event of a crash, regardless of who is at fault in a crash. Like automobile insurance, you usually have the ability to customize your motorcycle insurance plan as desired.

Something that is now as well-known by motorcyclists is that you may also have the ability to obtain uninsured motorist coverage on your motorcycle if desired. Jones & Swanson has posted information about uninsured motorist automobile policies in the past, and motorcyclists have the same options for these two-wheeled vehicles. While uninsured motorist coverage does not cover property damage to your motorcycle, you may be able to use it for medical expenses and lost wages. In many cases you may even be able to use your automobile’s uninsured motorist policy in the event that you are injured while riding your motorcycle due to another’s negligence. The opposite is also true in many circumstances, allowing your motorcycle uninsured motorist policy to be applicable in an automobile accident.

Attorney Andrew Jones has represented many victims of motorcycle crashes in the past, so we feel that it’s important to educate readers on the significance of purchasing insurance that is appropriate to your specific situation. Due to the high risk of injury associated with riding a motorcycle, it is imperative that you are prepared for potential hazards with motorcycle insurance.

If you or someone you know has questions about what the appropriate amount of automobile or motorcycle insurance is for your specific situation, do not hesitate to call Jones & Swanson today. Mr. Jones and Mr. Swanson are more than happy to review your individual situation, and even take a look at your current declaration page, in an effort to help. We are available via telephone at (770) 427-5498 or online at

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