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Headlights & Car Accidents: Everything You Need to Know

Headlights were designed not only to light your way as you drive in dark or hazy conditions but also to help other drivers spot you on the road. Unfortunately, if someone forgets to use their headlights or if they drive with a broken headlight, they could wind up hurting themselves, pedestrians, cyclists, and those in other vehicles. Improper use of headlights could lead to deadly head-on collisions, side-swipe accidents, and worse.

To avoid a headlight accident, consider these common issues:

Headlights are Off

There are several ways in which headlights can cause car accidents; namely, if a vehicle’s headlights are out that vehicle could pose a serious threat to anyone else on the road. Headlights should be on at night and in particularly dark conditions, such as heavy fog or dark rainy mornings. Without headlights, other vehicles might not see the unlit car, which may result in a deadly head-on collision. Likewise, if a driver forgets to turn on their headlights they drive at a disadvantage and could unknowingly hit debris, miss important road signs, or make some other visual error.

Headlights are Broken

A broken headlight can obviously impair the functionality of those headlights. Without proper function, the headlights might flash and blink, confusing or blinding oncoming traffic. Likewise, broken headlights might be useless, which is just as dangerous as unused headlights, if not more so.

Headlights are Overly Bright

Though it may sound odd, if headlights are too bright, they can cause an accident. A driver might accidentally drive with their “brights” on, which can blind other drivers, causing them to lose sight of the road and their surroundings. Likewise, drivers might replace their stock headlights with colored headlights for aesthetics. While these might look interesting, they can also serve as a dangerous distraction.

Headlight issues can result in damaging, if not deadly accidents if left unchecked. Luckily there are several laws in place to help protect drivers from dangerous headlight-related collisions. To learn more about these laws, read our blog, “Headlight Laws.”

What to Do If You Were In a Car Accident Caused By a Headlight Issue

If you were harmed in a car accident caused by dim headlights, over bright headlights, or the lack of headlights, you need to take action to hold the negligent party liable for their accidents. Our firm is here to help. We’re passionate about fighting for the rights of the wrongly injured, and we can help you seek compensation and justice after a serious car accident.

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