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Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Lawsuits

Some of you may have read about or heard reports of lawsuits against the household name Johnson & Johnson in the news recently. The dangers of talcum products, such as baby powder, are being investigated following numerous complaints against the manufacturer. There are more than 1,200 pending lawsuits involving Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder products.

In May of this year, a woman from South Dakota was awarded $55 million in damages after she brought a suit against Johnson & Johnson. Her attorneys brought the claim stating that talcum powder usage caused ovarian cancer after many years of use. A few months prior to this judgement, an Alabama woman’s family was awarded $72 million after she claimed the same fault by Johnson & Johnson. Sadly, she passed away prior to the resolution of her case.

Each of these verdicts occurred despite Johnson & Johnson’s use of medical experts claiming cosmetic talc is safe to use. But contrary studies started connecting ovarian cancer with talcum powder as early as the 1970s. Johnson & Johnson was proven to have been aware of those findings for many years, but continuing to market the products regardless.

In an effort to protect you and your family, we are investigating similar situations involving victims that believe a cosmetic talc product led to serious medical conditions. Talc is a natural substance mined to be used in products such as makeup and powdered products. The purpose is to prevent caking, absorb moisture, and improve the overall feel of a product. The main concerns by the American Cancer Society in regards to talcum powder involve lung and ovarian cancer.

If you believe you or someone you know have developed a sickness due to talcum powder products, contact Jones & Swanson today to get more information and to hear from a legal expert whether or not you have a claim for damages.

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