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Local Business Highlight: Hamp & Harry’s

Located in the heart of Marietta Square lies the vibrant and cozy dining experience of Hamp & Harry’s. A unique but also creative take on classic American fare with a refreshing coastal vibe.

This week Jones & Swanson were able to interview the dynamic Scott duo behind the famed restaurant on the square. As co-owners of Hamp & Harry’s, their culinary experience extends across numerous locations of eateries throughout Georgia, including the famed McCray’s Tavern!



Mr. Kerns lives in East Cobb while Mr. McCray has been in Smyrna since 2004. They both met at USC where they also worked together at a coastal bar in Hilton Head.

Beyond the culinary world, Mr. Kerns is close with our community here as he spends a lot of time coaching baseball at the 643, alongside his two children. Meanwhile, Mr. McCray, with over 25+ years in the industry, finds his peace in golfing and traveling when he’s not doing hands-on work at his establishments!

Scott Kerns (Left) and Scott McCray (Right)
Owners Scott Hampton McCray (Left) and Scott Harrison Kerns.

Q2: How did Hamp & Harry’s Originate?

Three years ago, we were fortunate to come across a location on the square, a very up-and-coming area that we loved. It had a small little place we wanted to make comfortable with a cool atmosphere.” – Mr. Kerns

The Scott duo had drawn inspiration for the name from a combination of their very own middle names; Hampton and Harrison. Keeping close to its roots, the venue aims to keep the historic appeal of the building and stay as a lunch spot for many patrons around Marietta. 

Hamp & Harry’s was also able to see some great new developments in recent years. Because the restaurant was so busy on Fridays and Saturdays, they had taken on the space next to them for expansion which is now being used as an event venue. The “icing on top” is the new High Note at Hamp & Harry’s that’s now being used for music events and further outreach!

Inside Hamp & Harry's.
Inside Hamp & Harry's.

Q3: What do you love about marietta?

The customers. Our clientele is supportive, and we love them! Our regulars let us know they want us to stay!” – Mr. McCray

They went on to talk about how they enjoy the events in The Square as it always drives a ton of traffic to Hamp & Harry’s. Not to mention they especially love the Marietta Square Market! This is where they source their locally grown products from vendors like AJ Greens and Bella Vita Mushrooms. Outside of the market, you can find them also sourcing from bakeries like Douceur De France!

The classic Hamp & Harry's Fried Chicken Sandwich.
The classic Hamp & Harry's Fried Chicken Sandwich.
The array of lunch options at Hamp & Harry's.
The array of lunch options at Hamp & Harry's.

Q4: What are your future plans for Hamp & Harry’s?

We would love to have more expansion if the space is available, event-wise we will be in the next upcoming Taste of Marietta, then the Georgia Food and Wine Festival!“- Mr. Kerns

For those interested in upcoming shows at High Note at Hamp & Harry’s check out their High Note Live Music schedule!

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN Hamp & Harry’s OR WANT TO CHECK OUT THEIR Restaurant YOU CAN VISIT THEIR WEBSITE OR in person on the marietta square! Jones & Swanson Appreciates the group over at Hamp & Harrys and hopes to dine more soon!

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