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Local Business Highlight: K. Mike Whittle Unique Floral Designs

This last Thursday our Marketing Coordinator Isabelle was able to sit down and have lunch with one of Cobb Counties’ most talented florists, K. Mike Whittle. 

Mr. Whittle was an utter joy to be around and it shows from his years of experience working with the community that he is a man of the people. His smile and generosity can truly light up a room in the same way his bright and fun designs can. 

And we’d love to show you a look into just who he is. 


Q: Tell us about yourself.


“My name is Kenneth Mike Whittle, AIFD, AAF, CFD, GMF. I was born at Kennestone Hospital and have lived in Cobb County all my life. I have been married to my wife Vickie for 43 years and I have one daughter Lexie, and two grandchildren Berkley and Major.” 

Mr. Whittle is an avid enthusiast of flowers as he’s been in the industry for years, making his first floral arrangement of cattails at just 13 years old.

When he’s not up bright and early at his shop, he’s spending his personal time gardening and with his family. When also asked about something you wouldn’t know about him, he describes himself as an open book who loves to work with his community. He continued to tell us about all the fantastic organizations he works with like the 10 Women of Hope. A program in Cobb County focused on helping single-parent families going through economic crises.

K. Mike with his wife Vickie and two grandchildren Berkley and Major.

Q: When did you start your floral business? What inspired you?

“I started K. Mike Whittle Designs in 2009, yes right in the middle of the recession. I was inspired by my friends at the funeral homes and my dear friend Greg Litchfield to open in the Clarke Library.”

Mr. Whittle working on one of his more exotic designs.

Q: Do you see any trends in the floral industry?

“We are always trying to stay abreast of all the new trends in styles and colors. We usually do this by attending design shows and conferences for the floral industry. In fact, I just returned from one of the largest symposiums of the industry with the American Institute of Floral Designers held this year in Chicago.”

Mr. Whittle proceeded to tell us about the all-white, beige, and sage trends he was seeing. But also, get this, the return of the carnation!

Now before you exit this page immediately in distaste for the classic flower, Mr. Whittle did not show just any carnation. But a Carnation Cheerio; A beautiful mix of pinks and reds in an ombre pattern.

Carnation Cheerio
A Carnation Cheerio.

This flower can be paired with so many types of aesthetics to bring out the most beautiful colors in an arrangement. An understandable return for this floral staple.

Q: Do you have any tips for people looking to buy flowers?

“Trust your local florist and don’t use one of the order takers online.”

We second this idea as the professional will know best and could show you arrangements and ideas you never thought of before. Pinterest may be your friend but a professional with years under his gloves is your guide.

Q: Do you have any meaningful moments from your business?

“I have lots of memorable moments in my 15 years here. There is nothing like being able to make a family that has lost a loved one or dear friend’s life a little better when they see the personal touch that we have created for them in flowers.”

Mr. Whittle then described how his floral business revolves around emotions, whether it’s love, compassion, or sorrow; he takes this responsibility very seriously and puts his talent first and foremost making sure each client receives tailored care and attention.

Q: What do you love the most about the community? What drives you?

“What I love most is that it’s a true community! A community that works together and supports each other. We really saw this during covid, as folks supported us so very well! They ordered flowers just to be ordering flowers to support us! I tell you, with most of our community, if you support them, they’ll support you.”

“I love supporting folks that support others.”


Q: Are there any upcoming events or promotions you’d like to highlight?

 “Petal it Forward will be coming up for us in October. We give away 2 bouquets of flowers to people and in turn, they give one away. Hence the ‘Petal it Forward’ name.”

Mr. Whittle was kind enough to start our own Petal it Forward train in the office by gifting Isabelle two beautiful arrangements. One of which she was able to then give to our awesome receptionist, Ansley, to show her appreciation!

Along with his and his assistant’s endearing conversations about how to make the best fried okra, mixed with the delicious food from the West Cobb Diner, this interview is truly one for the books for us here at Jones & Swanson!

We hope that you all will check out his beautiful shop and support his amazing business down in Marietta Square!

You can give K. Mike Whittle a call at (770) 499-1700 or visit his website to find out more about how to order his beautiful flowers! We thank him again for his time, and hope that he continues to see endless support in cobb county!

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