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Back to School: Marietta Community Outreach

The summer is ending as quickly as it arrived, and school is back in session in many local Marietta areas. Going back to school can be an exciting time! Seeing friends for the first time since before summer break, buying new clothes and supplies, and getting back into the school year routine can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the beginning of school may not only be exciting for some children – but can also be a dreaded time for others.

Did you know that an estimated 15 million children don’t have the ability or resources to get supplies they need for school each year? According to, 18% of all children – nearly 13 million kids – in the United States are living in poverty. In Georgia alone 1,279,310 people are currently facing hunger, 377,400 of those are children. Though public schools may be free there are still supply costs for each student – things like notebooks, pencils, and other necessary materials.  It’s a gap for many underprivileged kids, but fortunately it’s a gap that local communities in and around Marietta are joining together to help fill.

At Jones & Swanson we believe in the community of Marietta, Georgia. We want to connect, support, and help our area and feel lucky be able to serve. Gearing up for this school year we’re partnering with Blessings in a BackpackWest Cobb Church, and a few other organizations to help impact and unite our community.

The staff of Jones and Swanson came together to create tags that will be attached on backpacks full of food given out by Blessings in a Backpack. It’s their mission to mobilize communities and individuals. Then, providing food on weekends for elementary students across America – students who depend on school lunches to obtain regular sustenance. To learn more about this organization or to find out how to get involved visit their website.

Even in our own backyard and local Cobb County community, kids and families are struggling with not only food security but clothing as well. We partnered with Marietta City Schools to support a local Elementary School in providing uniforms for their students.

Due to the pandemic, food security is an even more prominent ongoing problem for many people across Marietta and the extended Cobb County area. The pandemic has only increased needs that were already great. Jones & Swanson also partnered with Atlanta Gas Light to help support Must Ministries in their Back to School Food Drive for Kids. In one day they raised over one thousand dollars in cash funds and were able to bring over 2 full truckloads of food donations. It was a true privilege to be able to see the community of Marietta show up to help those who need it!

It’s been a busy summer at Jones & Swanson, and we are so excited to have been able to partner with many different local businesses and organizations to help support outreach for those in our community!

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