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Marietta Included in Top Ten Digital U.S. Cities

There are many reasons to love the city of Marietta. It’s a tight-knit community with beautiful features and many activities throughout the year. Yet another reason to be proud to live in the Marietta community was announced at the beginning of December. Marietta was named a top ten digital city in the United States. This selection was due to Marietta’s excellent use of technology, which has enhanced effectiveness and delivered improved services to the public while saving money.

Marietta has dealt with the economic downturn by preparing staff members to deal with information technology challenges. This includes maintaining the use of cell phones and other mobile devices for government trade, social media administration, and data security and usability. The city of Marietta has also integrated mobile computing with smart phones and tablets to offer better maintenance. Technology is used efficiently both externally and internally. The city’s networks are sophisticated, with data integration and safety, disaster recovery planning, and online choices for the public such as the city’s website.

Other top ranked cities have been known to reduce employee overtime, hardware costs, and power and fuel consumption. Marietta’ selection to the top ten digital cities supports the excellence of our city. Jones & Swanson not only operates from Marietta, but many of our employees live in the great city as well. We are proud to announce this appointment of our great city to the top ten digital U.S. cities and commend city officials for this great acknowledgement.

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