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Settlement Reached in Multiple Tractor Trailer Wreck Case

At Jones & Swanson, we specialize in representing victims of numerous types of automobile accidents. The most common auto accidents include passenger vehicles, such as cars, trucks, or SUVs, colliding with other passenger vehicles. It is also common for a passenger in a car, truck, or SUV to contact us with questions about a crash in which a tractor trailer was involved. What many people fail to realize is that while crashes involving multiple tractor-trailers are less common, they do occur on busy Georgia highways.

In June of 2011, such an accident occurred on Interstate 75 in Cobb County, Georgia. Two separate 18 wheeler trucks were traveling northbound when one driver attempted to change lanes and struck the rear of the other big rig. The resulting crash left our 44-year-old client with severe and permanent injuries. Those injuries left him unable to work as he previously had, so in addition to medical bills he and his wife faced a loss of income because of the wreck.

In this situation, Attorney Jones was able to prove negligence on the part of the truck driver who made the unsafe lane change. This ultimately led to Mr. Jones’ client receiving a confidential settlement that went towards paying medical bills and other expenses.

While multiple tractor-tractor trailer crashes are less common than those involving smaller passenger vehicles, they do occur. Representing the victim in a claim such as this requires a different approach than those involving only a single tractor trailer. This is because both drivers, as well as the companies they drive for, may be involved in the legal claim. The details and policies surrounding a multiple truck accident case can be complicated, so it is important that victims consult with an experienced injury lawyer to determine the appropriate legal steps.

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