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Graco Car Seat Recall

We have previously discussed the perils associated with product recalls. Defective products can pose a significant danger to those using them, as well as those around users. For this reason, many manufacturers release recalls in an attempt to prevent serious injuries and even death as a result of defective consumer products. Perhaps the most dangerous types of recalls are those that affect children, as they not only cannot fend for themselves, but their bodies are much less developed than an adult’s so injuries that they sustain are typically more life-threatening.

Recently, Graco Children’s Products released recall announcements affecting millions of 2006-2014 model car seats. The defect that caused this Graco car seat recall involves the harness buckle being challenging to unfasten, and in certain instances even becoming jammed so that it cannot be opened at all. Food and drinks can cause the buckles to jam as well. The child restraint devices included in these product recalls include the following models of toddler and harnessed booster seats:

  • Cozy Cline
  • Comfort Sport
  • Classic Ride 50
  • My Ride 65 and My Ride 65 with Safety Surround
  • My Ride w/Safety Surround and My Ride 70
  • Size 4 Me 70
  • Smart Seat and Smart Seat with Safety Surround
  • Nautilus, Nautilus Elite, Nautilus 3-in-1, and Nautilus Plus
  • Argos 70 and Argos 70 Elite
  • Ready Ride
  • Step 2
  • My Size 70
  • Head Wise 70 with Safety Surround

While infant safety seats have not yet been included in the recall, some sources believe that they should be. The defective buckles can cause difficulty when trying to remove a child from the car seat. This can be dangerous in certain situations, such as a wreck, when quick exit is necessary. For instance, if a child were fastened into one of these seats when the vehicle caught fire, it would create an extremely dangerous situation because of the difficulties of unfastening the safety seat. While no injuries have yet been reported as a result of this Graco car seat recall, cases have been reported in which children had to be cut out of a safety seat because of a jammed clasp. Graco’s solution to the safety seat recall is to offer a free replacement of the buckles, designed in a way that this problem will not persist. Owners are scheduled to be notified in April.

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