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September is Baby Safety Month

Each year, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, of JPMA, sponsors “Baby Safety Month”. During the month of September, we encourage caregivers to further educate themselves on baby products to create a safer environment for children. Jones & Swanson is partnering with JPMA to celebrate Baby Safety Month by providing helpful safety information that may affect young children. Specifically, we want to address the correct methods to using second-hand items for babies and toddlers.

Most parents and guardians make use of second-hand baby items at some point or another. Whether you simply tried to save money by shopping at resale shops, were given hand-me-downs by loved ones, or have heirlooms that you use for your child, it is important to follow the appropriate safety guidelines. New items must meet specific safety standards, which makes this the safest option. Any item that is not brand new can pose a risk to babies, but if you simply cannot afford or do not wish to purchase all new items for your child, there are ways to ensure their safety.

First, you should ensure that all parts of a product are available and functioning correctly. Any broken or missing parts to cribs, strollers, highchairs, and other products can lead to injuries. Second, it is important to check product recalls and make sure your baby items and foods have not been recalled. Recently, we posted about bean bags and sippy cups that were recalled due to safety hazards. Because safety recalls don’t expire, parents and guardians should check for product recalls regularly at Throughout the life of a product, you should continue to inspect for missing parts or damages that could lead to injury. Finally, it is important to replace items once your child grows out of them. The size and weight limits of a product should be adhered to strictly, because once your child outgrows a car seat, bed, highchair, or other product, they are immediately at risk. For more children’s product safety tips visit

If your child has been injured due to a product that you later discovered was defective, you may have a legal claim against the manufacturer. These companies should be held liable for medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering, for yourself and your child. For more information or a free consultation, fill out an online form at

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