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Summertime Recalls

Two recalls have been announced this summer that may affect your family.

The first recall came from Apple and affects the popular Beats Pill XL speaker that many people use daily. The potential hazard involves the Pill’s battery, which may overheat and cause a fire, especially when used in the hot summer climate for long periods of time. These speakers are shaped like a pill capsule and measure about 4 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. They may have been purchased at Apple or other major retail stores throughout the U.S. between January of 2014 and June of 2015 in the colors white, pink, titanium, black, or metallic sky. So far, the 222,000 unit recall has only led to eight overheating reports, one of which led to minor injuries.

The second product to be recalled is a child’s inflatable float produced by Otteroo Corporation. The Otteroo Inflatable Baby Float was recalled on July 1 due to deflation risks after leaking air, which may lead to drowning. Otteroo recalled approximately 3,000 round flotation rings that are made of blue and clear plastic. Thus far, there have been 54 seams reportedly broken on the products. Fortunately, no injuries have been attributed to the defect. Free replacements will be provided when consumers contact Otteroo at (415) 236-5388 or online at

Consumers should also be aware of another recall, which occurred in August of 2013, but may still pose a danger to your family and home. Big Lots announced the recall of 30,000 tabletop wick citronella fuel torches due to fire and burn hazards. These torches come in large and small sizes and are covered with multi-colored mosaic glass. The item numbers DC12-21111 and DC10-20160 can be found printed on the yellow label on the bottom of the recalled torches. This candle recall was announced after 20 reports of property-damaging candle explosions, two of which caused significant injuries to consumers. This may not be a recent recall, but many households may still use this citronella candle while outdoors this summer, so we urge consumers to double check their products.

Product defects can affect consumers at any time of the year, but countless products are used only in the hot summer months. It is important to stay current on product defect and recall announcements so that your home and family members are safe this summer. For more information on product recalls, visit

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