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Nearly 1 Million Nissan Vehicles Recalled Worldwide

As discussed in previous posts, automobile recalls affect all drivers around the world, not just those in the state of Georgia. Recalls by automotive companies signal dangerous problems that could pose a risk of accidents. These accidents often result in serious personal injuries and deaths. It is important for metro-Atlanta drivers to be aware of auto recalls that occur with vehicles driven often in Georgia.

Nissan Motor Company has released nearly one million automobile recalls within the last two months. These recalls are not on one specific model, but include the Micra compact car, Cube, and ever popular Altima.

Approximately 841,000 Micra and Cube vehicles were announced to be undergoing a recall this month. The recall applies only to these models produced in Japan and Britain from 2002 until 2006. This recall is due to a malfunction in the steering wheel. The bolt that was used in the steering wheels pose the threat of not being tightened enough, causing malfunctions in the steering abilities. Fortunately, no deaths or injuries have been reported due to this issue. This recall does not affect Georgians, as the vehicles are mostly in countries other than the United States.

Another recall released by Nissan last month does affect Georgians, however. Approximately 123,000 Altimas are being recalled due to inaccurate inflation in spare tires. The recall applies only to 2013 model sedans in the United States. The spare tires may be under- or over- inflated, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Improper inflation of tires causes flaws in the structure of these parts, which can cause a higher risk of auto accident. Although no reports of injuries or deaths have been filed, it is important that all drivers of these vehicles report to a Nissan dealership to have the spare tires checked.

Each year, many Americans experience serious injuries and deaths due to product defects in automobiles. Auto manufacturers often release recalls on their vehicles to prevent defects in manufacturing from causing an accident that they can be held liable for.

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