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Recalled Crib Mattresses and Power Furniture

Manufacturers of all consumer goods are required to provide safe products for purchase. Motor vehicles, toys, food, and other items are often times found during production to pose safety concerns, in which case the item is not placed on store shelves. Unfortunately, countless items reach store shelves and consumers’ homes before the safety risk is discovered. Many times it is consumers who discover the issue in the first place. When these types of safety concerns are brought to the manufacturer’s attention, companies typically investigate and eventually announce product recalls if necessary.

Two recent product recalls involve furniture that may be found around your home. The first recall was announced by IKEA and includes SULTAN and VYSSA crib mattresses. These mattresses pose entrapment hazards to infants, as there is a possibility of the crib leaving a gap between the crib and itself. Approximately 344,000 crib mattresses are being recalled in the United States and Canada after two reports of entrapped infants were reported to the company. Fortunately, neither infant was injured.

The model names included in the IKEA crib mattress recall include:

  • Sultan Blunda
  • Sultan Dromma
  • Sultan Snarka
  • Sultan Sussa
  • Vyssa Vackert
  • Vyssa Vinka
  • Vyssa Spelevink
  • Vyssa Sloa
  • Vyssa Slummer

Each of the recalled mattresses would have been manufactured before May 4, 2014 (date code 14-18) and measures 52″ long and 27.5″ wide. This model and manufacturing date information can be found on the ID label on the mattress cover. To check to see whether your crib is defective, look for a gap between the ends of the crib and the mattress that is more than two finger widths wide. If you believe your child’s mattress is involved in this recall, cease use immediately and return it to IKEA immediately for a store refund or exchange.

The second furniture recall includes approximately 81,000 power reclining furniture units. According to Franklin Corporation, the switch that operates the reclining function has the potential to overheat, which would pose a fire threat to consumers. Franklin announced this furniture recall after receiving two switch ignition reports, as well as three smoking switch reports in showroom samples. While no injuries have been reported, floors were damaged in these instances. The reclining furniture included in the recall will have rectangular power switches that measure 1 3/8 inches by 3 inches on the console, arm, or side of the furniture. Chairs, sofas, and sectionals with reclining capabilities should be checked against the Franklin furniture recall list immediately to determine if the style and basic change numbers are the same. These furniture pieces would have been sold throughout the U.S., as well as online from the popular website.

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